Diki, I was responding directly to your own assertion that some players here don't play to younger crowds, I responded because I often do. I don't understand why you say I'm the one fobbing off the Synthzone community in this way when one of the main points of your post was that some people on the boards don't play to young dance crowds and don't realise the kind of sound levels/dynamics/energy required to play to that kind of crowd.

I do.

(None of the older members pulled YOU up on this *below* I notice)

"Some of you haven't been to a youngsters' night club for a while, have you? Or been out to hear a rock band (or funk band, or 'emo' band, or...) or anything else much, lately."

I know you've heard the PAS, please don't tell me what I'm assuming as, let's face it, BOTH of us assume enough for the entire board! (smiley inserted genuinely)

The only thing that gets my goat is the snide, exaggerated "comments" - to put it politely - re the Bose, that masquerade as critique (or argument) as if they somehow settle the matter.

I'm no evangelist and have been very level headed about all this IMO.
God I hate signatures.