Geez, you go away to help the wife finish off some renovations and look what happens...

Well seeing as Diki can't leave this bone alone (as usual) then I won't (as usual)

KF did you really mean to imply that:

1. One single Bose System could do a Major Concert.
2. The Bose has no limitations whatsoever?
3. That it is the future of Live Amplification?
4. That Diki is an idiot for suggesting both 2 & 3 are untrue?

If so, you owe him an apology as these things are gross exaggerations.

If not, I suspect they are Diki's exaggerations to help support his argument.

His Straw man Argument.

So comparing the Bose to what we were originally supposed to be comparing it to in this thread (JBL's VRX 900), I think they're both capable of great sound. I just don't like the weight & Size of the VRX, otherwise it looks swish - really.

Also, how many VRX systems do you need for a smaller venue (I'm unclear on this - I confess I haven't read much of the VRX link beyond some basic specs).

This is important because it will determine overall cost and portability.

As far as the Bose goes I would recommend:

Solo, Duo and (pushing it) Trio: 1 system (with at least Dual Subs).

4 or more players: 1 Bose between 2 (on average).

On a side note, re - cost, I recently sold our old PA system for $2200 reducing the cost of our new Bose nicely.

Anyone handy with a paint brush???
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