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You guys need to check out the new JBL PRX500 series of powered speakers.

I just recently switched to those and honestly they perform much better than my Mackie system ( 2 x sa1521 + Swa1501).

I also considered the Bose, and when I did a side by side comparisson between the Bose and 2 x PRX 512 + PRX 518 sub, JBL was clearly the choice.

Bose is nice for smaller audiences, but lacks that powerful sound that JBL has.

I personally think that the Bose is way overpriced for what it offers. I purchased the JBL package for $2600 , where I could have bought only one PAS system for that money.

Here is a link for the PRX series with built in CROWN amps :

Apples and Oranges/

My 98 lb wife can load the Bose in her Spyder. carry it and set it up in 10 minutes without any help.

Now tell me where one can buy a PA that will fill a room of 300 people with Bose quality direct sound on a 180 degree plan and have preset digital scenes for different people as they join her or us as well as different EQ set ups for each room for $3000 total.

Theres the comparison that should be made when discussing the Bose System. There are a ton of heavy systems that have higher SPL, chest pounding Bass etc......But none with the sound quality, small footprint and PORTABILITY all in the same package as the Bose.

We sell and set up plenty of church systems and are Crown dealers as well. Apples and Ornages. We sell and install Mackie systems, Yamaha ,EAW. Customers could care less about THD and SPL. They want to hear the program material to their satisfaction. Same with the Bose. We recently became a dealer after I bought a system for the wife. The system sells it self. Its not for everyone. Traditionalists will not get it. Those who do "get it" understand its the combination of quality, portability, Warranty support, and personal attention one gets from Bose. Try getting all of that with any other system. You will get better sound and less portability, or more portability and compromise in sound quality, no support, Severely limited warranties, Need poles, monitors, more wiring etc......

The Bose delivers plenty in sound quality, Certainly better than a traditional Mackie set up if you are not sitting directly in front of the speakers. We have JBL MR15's and Mackie 808s PA System the Bose replaced sitting in the garage which is relegated to back up. Yeah its louder......Sometimes low and clears is better than loud ad harsh with 3/4s of the room listening to reflections of the sound off the floors and walls......and having to blow out those in front so those on the sides can hear.

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