Well we have 20-30 years of pro gigging and ended up with the PAS system. We have the JBLs, the Mackies, The Subs....But always choose the Bose. Most of whet we play is Keyboard guitar and sequences with pre recorded break music.

We have never had a "can you turn it down" Can you turn it up" "suggestion" since using the Bose. We got that all the time using the conventional systems becasue of the hot spots ,reflections, and limited dispersion conventional arrays have,

Like studio monitors the "Sweet Spot" is very narrow with conventional systems. Thats why concert systems use wide arrays of speakers rather then just two huge ones facing forward like typical band PAs.

They are trying to achieve the Bose effect in a huge way by using wide dispersion arrays of speakers in semi circles. The Bose system eliminates that issue totally at a nearly 180 degree field. THAT's the beauty of the system for some and the bain for others. Everyone including the performer is in The "sweet spot" , Everyone including the performer hears the same sound albeit at different levels determined by distance from the source.

Some people like exaggerated bass response. They need 18's for those 30hx frequencies and a ton of power. The Bose will not deliver in those cases.
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