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Provide your own definitions of anything, and you will always be right (in your own mind )

Go online, and look at the HORIZONTAL dispersion of any PRO line array. Find one that is 180? Didn't think so...


Your're kidding right? I hope so. Because modern Arena Systems deliver more than 180 degrees of DIRECT sound. Why is that? Because DIRECT sound is the best sound. Reflected sound is trash. Your argument doesn't deserve merit on the basis of a pro system not being behind the musicians as the Bose can be. The reasons for that are obvious to ....well perhaps not to you. One of the nice things about the Bose is it can and does offer the direct dispersion of sound evenly across horizontal plane and yet does not require the monitoring system of a massive PA. (Partly due to each member wanting separate monitor mixes.

The only Small venue OMB or Duo PA system that offers direct sound at nearly 180 degrees is the Bose PAS. The idea is for EVERYONE in front of the act to hear the sound as if they are sitting in front of conventional speakers. Any conventional speakers.

This isn't fanaticism..Its applying big time pro lever sound projection to a small venue. Anyone who has been to a concert can understand the importance hearing the source material DIRECTLY and not reflected of the walls,floors, and ceilings.

The Bose is not meant to be a PA for huge venues. It is meant to deliver the even sound a pro level arena system is designed to deliver. IN that regard it does exactly that.

In order for someone to poo poo the Bose system they have to be coming from the "Power and loud" school of good rather than "clarity everyone hears the same without reflection" good. Power does not trump quality and clarity of the source material unless it is in an array offering even distribution of content with the proper power applied to minimize inevitable reflections.

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