Diki you are confusing "sweet spot" with STEREO..Stereo is terrible when reflected off walls on one side and heard directlyu on the other, Yeah its differnt but that not a good difference. It's "rubbish" to claim stereo sopund great even when not time aligned. It simply does not.

In all systems whether mono or stereo there is a spot where you are hearing the sound DIRECTLY from the speakers. Unfortualy due to room limitations present in small clubs those who are not sitting within direct line of the speakers are hearing reflecions. The bane of good audio.

When you add different material (a la Stereo) coming to the ears off the far walls at different times...simply... mud results. Yeah you can hear the difference between mono and stereo sitting on the crapper in the club. And?. but thats not to say its GOOD..just that there is a difference. The various timing of seperate channels of frequencies hitting the ear can mess up a stereo signal pretty badly. No way can anyone convince me reflections off the far walls of the right channel arriving milliseconds late from the direct sound from the left channel sounds anything but terrible no matter how loud it is (which makes it worse).

The BEST sound is CLEAR unreflected sound spread EVENLY across the listening plane. whether mono or stereo. The Bose system does this better then any single or dual speaker system I have ever used or heard in a typical OMB club environment. I have been doing this stuff for years as well and there is no current dual speaker system AT ANY price or power better for equal sound dispersion along a 180 plane then the Bose used a typical OMB or duo situation. I have tried many systems and currently have a really nice and higher priced Mackie/JBL system sitting unused in favor of the Bose.

I humbly add we are fortunate enough to buy any system on the market without regard to price and again the Bose mod II system is the best by a long shot on many levels that go beyond the clarity and consistancy of the sound for our purposes. And its not as expensive as most top end conventional similarly powered systems

I really believe some people see" nothing" and have an issue with the price beacause they see just a pole. They are stuck in a paradiam. Stuck in convention. The same "conventioal thought" by those who cannot imagine a concert in mono even though most huge shows are mono mixes by design.
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