Why do my posts (specifically the last one) strike you as all about me?

I only state that The Bose "works for me" (and variants of same) because
a)It's true.
b)It's a fair way to state things.
c) You yourself (and most other reasonable people on the boards) use this way of speaking about their favoured systems so people DON'T think whatever system they happen to be espousing is the "be all and end all".

You are either not understanding me, or deliberately being obtuse - I really can't work out which one.
For the record : I'm happy you're happy too! (Have I ever said otherwise - really???)

Now, when I said:
"the result, apparently, is a huge amount of stereo coverage due to the wide dispersion of just one system, and indeed a large amount of Stereo crossover if you will, for the same reason."

I meant "crossover" in a bad way (implying phasing amongst other issues) so if I didn't make myself clear, then that's my bad.

Below is a "Bose-Wiki" link that you may have missed (as you only seem to make reference to the forums themselves as your primary source of Bose info), that describes a way to playback a Stereo signal between two Systems - I believe it involves utilizing an auxiliary output.

(I hope the link as I've pasted it works btw).

You do your OWN searches for other examples if you like (mainly in the DJ sections I believe) and I hope that satisfies. I haven't done Stereo searches much (or reading) because I've been too busy reading up about other tech/sound/setup issues that affect me more directly.

Even if it doesn't satisfy you, I don't mind, I'm not as interested in running in Stereo Live as you are - I simply brought it up because you did, it wasn't the centrepiece of my argument, and I don't regard the ability of the PAS to do stereo (or not) as one of it's significant flaws that's your opinion and perception.

I'm glad you're done with this - maybe it will stop the pointless discussions - I'm more over this than YOU are I can tell you.

As for posting any Demos of us (my Wife and I) Audio or Video, (Stereo or Mono), and whether you're really interested, or whether it's just an attempt to divert the conversation away from this long diatribe (and I don't blame you there) you can't have any!


Because we haven't recorded anything Live for quite sometime, so I don't want to show my "baby pictures" so to speak (not many people do - least of all me).
Studio wise (original songs) I don't think we'd have anything of interest to the vast majority of forum members - yet.....

(You see we're setting up a Basement Studio in the next few months so I'll gladly share the fruits of THAT labour then)

In other words, when we have something worth showing - that's recent - I'll show it.

(Thanks for asking )
God I hate signatures.