So the gig last night went better than expected.

There we were, playing in a horror room (a regular venue for us) where apart from the bad acoustics, you have a VERY transient crowd. The setlist careered from Old Rock (Bad moon Rising, Lookin' Out my Back Door etc) to Top 40 (Sexyback, Please Don't Stop the Music) and lotsa stops in between.

Then a funny thing happened.

We got to the end of the gig, and all the people on the dancfloor rushed up to us and demanded to know what that "weird Pole" was. I said that's our PA.


They all fell to their knees and started chanting in worshipful tones for several minutes.


Several of them produced coloured ribbons from their pockets and tied them to the top of the Bose and started dancing merrily around the pole singing "Hey Nonny Nonny, we love the Bose"

(It was weird I can tell you...)


The Manager came up and demanded to know how we got that sound, or, as he put it, the best Darn sound he had EVER heard ANYWHERE!
I said, well it's the Bose of course silly, and he IMMEDIATELY doubled our pay for the night!


The Bar staff came over and led us round to behind the Bar, where they said we could have our pick of ANY top shelf drink (I chose some Frangelico - an Italian Hazelnut Liqueur, and my wife, Rose, chose an 80 year old Bottle of Red) so apologies for the late was a hell of a night when we got back home!
God I hate signatures.