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Sorry, old chum, but your superiority must be unquestioned in this matter. At least in YOUR mind

The day that a major concert venue sticks up ONE stack of a line array, behind the musicians, I will eat my hat. All your supposed experience with Claire Bros. and this is the best you can come up with? Just go and ask any of these guys when they will be doing any concerts using a single PAS system (or even one per musician). They will laugh in your face! 'Amature' indeed!

You fail to grasp the utterly different concept between PROFESSIONAL line array systems, and Bose's interpretation of it. Bose's line array systems are designed to give a 180 coverage in the horizontal plane, because they are supposed to be onstage, by the musician. Pro line arrays have a far more conventional horizontal coverage. and are designed for different sections of the array to project at different sections of a large concert venue in the VERTICAL dimension, in FRONT of the musicians, who still have a conventional monitoring system. Two entirely different concepts and usage. Don't confuse them....

I'm sorry you feel the need to denigrate any other system to justify your purchase, I am certainly not trying to persuade you that 'my system is better than yours', why the arrogance about yours?

I should have stuck to my guns when I said I am done with this topic. Like I said, let's review this topic in ten years' time, and then you can tell me again what an idiot I am to suggest the Bose's have any limitations, and may not be the future of PA amplification, OK?

Gloat AFTER you have been proven right, not before....

AS usual you twist the debate to fit your "facts"

Lets review. Array as defined by me is the even distribution of waveforms over the widest area possible. Period. The Bose does that in small venues. I never implied as you invented that the Bose is in any way an Arena system.

The idea of both systems is EVENESS of sound.

I also never mention a line array in a concert venue. Again your invention to bolster your argument.

The Bose System projects sound waves evenly across a nearly 180 degree place. A concert array is hung and designed to do the same thing in a much larger venue.

Reflections are the bane of good clear sound.REVERB (you know what that is don't you?) are reflections. IF you have ever heard a mix awash in reverb you heard MUD. The Bose system (as are concert systems using sweep arrays of speakers rather then all facing is designed to minimize reflection... Conventional speakers project equal sound to the floor and ceiling, where it gets reflected back down as reverb. Add to that a floor monitor directing sound towards the ceiling and more reverb..more reflections.....MUD.

The Bose PAS is designed to direct most of the sound in a wide, FLAT plane sending very little to the floor and ceiling. The sound is clear all the way to the back of the room (Just like large venues array designs)

It appears Bose just found a way to achieve the same effect in smaller venues. If people do not like these speakers its because the owner has no clue on how to gain stage.

I have owned many systems and Actually having this unit I can compare it based on actual experience rather based on theory or listening to someone else' system who may or may not understand hot to make this system do what it does best rather then just trying to be as loud as possible.
Like I we can buy any system we want and I do have experience in large venues and I would recommend the Bose system for those who perform where the audience and manager appreciates clear sound where people can actually have a conversation without having to wait till the somg was over.
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