Look, think what you will, hellboy. Not EVERYTHING is about you! Both you and Kingfrog trotted out the lame stereo issue this time around, and several have tried the same spin in the past , so my reply was not just aimed at you (I actually quoted KF as well as you), but for the whole forum to read. Agree or disagree with it how you like. It doesn't change the facts.

The Bose system in a mono ONLY system. Do a search on their website, if you don't believe me. There isn't a single mention of the word stereo anywhere in the entire PAS section. This system is specifically designed to NOT be in stereo, but to have multiple mono units (one for each player). And even that won't provide a stereo image, precisely because of the non-localized nature of the sound (stereo works by having TWO localized sound sources, with a left and right perceived signal interacting with your ears to create the illusion of a 2D image in the middle).

There are quite a few reported issues with people getting WAY less than good results while trying to achieve stereo from this system (do a search here for stereo and PAS). Phasing issues, poor imaging, all what you would expect. Bose make stereo systems, for home theater, music AND PA, and would certainly advertise this capability IF it was possible.

Look, I'm happy it works for you. Congratulations. Me, I've played in stereo for decades. Curiously, I also have rarely come across the 'turn it up, turn it down syndrome', nor has anyone EVER complained about being in a poor spot to hear the stereo. So, a PAS isn't going to fix any problems I have, because I don't have them! Maybe just knowing how to set the PA up optimally is all it takes, Who knows?

Anyway, this is rapidly devolving into a infinitely decreasing spiral (and we all know where those end up!), so I am done with this. I am happy you have found a solution that works for you, but no amount of spin is going to convince me that the PAS is the solution for me, or anyone that likes stereo. Having already tried it (like many others here), I really don't need anyone to change my mind. It's superiority is NOT unquestioned, it does have significant flaws, but if you can ignore them (I can't) it can be a great system....

Now, how about a bit more talk about what MUSIC you are actually playing through them, as I think this is FAR more important than what you play through?

Hell, maybe even a snippet or two...
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