Hi guys, looks like I am reviving a bit of an old thread, but anyhow, he is my little bit.

Personally, I am using JBL system prx512m tops/VRX 918s bottoms, driven via DBX Drive Rack PA, and depending on the venue my system can range from 2x 12's to 2x 12's and 1 x 18 all the way up to 3x12s per side and 2 to 4 subs(full 3way system)....

I have heard the bose system and for what it is its quite amazing, however, I do believe the JBL system has a little more flexibilty when it comes to varying venues, perhaps not so much the smaller ones, which is where I would love to have the bose, but for a very modular versatile system I must say the JBL is a winner.

Just throwing one out there for comments? but if anyone is running a 2way system with the 512m/vrx918 combo , where do you guys like to have your crossovers set?