Diki, you're getting too worked up about this (and that's coming from me!).

You yourself are putting too much of a spin on what is being said - a "spin on a spin" if you will. For my money, a sweet spot can be quite large and STILL "miss" people. This isn't just the "back of a room" argument, but a "side seating" argument, which I've explained previously.

In addition, sweet spot should also refer to volume level - i.e. a "Hotspot of volume" which point source speakers have, and Line Arrays and speakers exhibiting Line Array Properties (the Bose is , after all, a scaled down Line Array when it's all said and done) do not.

Or as KF put it previously"

"For those reasons people usually say the Bose sounds "clear" and they can hear themselves talk AND the Music because there are no harsh hot spots. People on the sides are not asking to turn it up while people in the front are asking to turn it down. Of course the performer has no idea what they hear because he is using a monitor that is sending reflections off the ceiling and back wall.....All the sound waves bouncing around the room because the system has to be LOUD enough to fill the room cause MUD and are eliminated with the Bose because the sound is evenly dispersed in a 180 degree area. Ironically, You can actually play louder with the Bose because you don't have all these reflections to deal with. Clarity and Volume. The Holy Grail of a good PA Set up and mixer. Clarity in the ROOM, not just coming from the system."

(Sorry to cut n paste, but I felt he put that better than I could have).

If you want stereo you can have it with 2 PAS systems, which many people have done (and many have not) the result, apparently, is a huge amount of stereo coverage due to the wide dispersion of just one system, and indeed a large amount of Stereo crossover if you will, for the same reason.

I wouldn't do it for 2 reasons

1. Expense (for me).
2. Defeats the purpose (somewhat) of a quick setup and ease of transport (double the amount of systems to carry & load in.
3. It's just not necessary (for me)

Diki, nobody (I hope) is trying to exaggerate the "evils" of stereo, and the God given "goodness" of Mono. You are the one, I feel, who is turning this into a Stereo vs Mono debate, and focusing too much on that - I mean that sincerely - there's MUCH more to the Bose *discussion* then that.

Please stop referring to me (at least) as a fanatic, that's also misinformation, and putting a spin on things.

(I guess you don't know me personally, but if you re-read my posts, I've tried to be fair and objective - I have, at least, created an entire thread devoted to the Bose emotionalism topic, so we can all have a fair discussion on the topic without fanaticism.)

If you'll permit me, one more cut n paste from the beginning of the thread I just mentioned:

"1. I think people CAN have their own opinions on ANY piece of gear, philosophy, working methods, Religion, favourite colour...WHATEVER.

2. I don't think, and have never said, that the Bose system is for everyone, and people can love the sound, hate the sound, judge the sound as is their right.

3. I'm not espousing the system in this thread - even though you all know what side of the fence I'm on - I want an honest civil discussion.

4. Failing that, I'm happy for this thread to degenerate sooner or later into a Love/Hate Attack/Defend diatribe (from BOTH sides) because maybe this thread can be like a "virtual swear Jar" where people can post things as nasty as they like if it keeps other threads from being "Bose polluted".

I hope that comes across as fair.

Also, just a bit further down I stated:

"I've even had emails from more than one Synthzone member (and they will remain anonymous) advising me on the system in PRIVATE so as not to cause trouble!!

I mean, when was the last time someone on a forum felt they had to hold "secret talks" about some PA gear for fear of ridicule or attack????"

Now THAT'S Fanaticism.
God I hate signatures.