Thing is, hellboy, you're assuming that those of us that reject the PAS haven't even heard it, or something, I'm not sure what. But simply thinking 'to know it is to love it', when faced by several here that HAVE bought it, and rejected it (see above), or those like myself who have heard others through them, and tried them out in stores extensively, and rejected them, is to deny the fact that it isn't for everyone, or every venue.

Like I said, in my particular case, I dislike the even coverage, and, to my ears, somewhat anemic mids. Most venues I play do NOT want the same volume all over the club. They want it concentrated on the dancefloor area, and a decent volume, but they want it lower in the rest of the room. PAS cannot do that.

But please don't assume that no-one that rejects it doesn't know what they are talking about. If I hadn't heard and tried it, I would not be giving an opinion! We are happy it works for YOU, and many others here. Just don't get upset if it doesn't work for everybody. I'm not ramming MY choice in PA's down anyone's throat. It isn't for everyone, despite sounding incredible. It works for ME. But if it doesn't work for everybody else, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Finally, don't even START to assume that this forum is entirely OMB NH gig players. There's a lot more diversity here than meets the eye (you're here, aren't you? )...
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