Hold it right there.

I AM younger than most people on this board (if not all) and I DO play "Club gigs", high energy dance gigs to young crowds (and old crowds, drunk crowds, "pub" crowds etc etc) - and btw I thought we were all about Church gigs here, when did Dance Club gigs and young audiences come into the argument?

Nevertheless I've made it perfectly clear in previous posts (obviously nobody gives a toss what I think) that the PAS cuts it for young crowds - younger than most of you guys play to AND fills a room with Great. Loud. Clear Bass - anyone remember CLEAR Bass?
(Actually even Chest thumping, if it's loud enough - but not to the level where it hurts you - in a bad way - like traditional club speakers that go further than the Bose can).

In our experience, the only people that have problems with the Bose, are people OTHER than the audience.....if you know what I mean.

We stopped anxiously asking the dance crowds "is the sound alright?" a loooong time ago.

Btw KF, you were SPOT ON regarding that "Traditionalists" comment - spot on.

(Would anyone care to follow me over to the thread I created for just such an occasion as this?)
God I hate signatures.