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Fran & I had a rare night off together last night & decided to go out for diner with the ladies & bounce around to catch a few Live acts in the area. First place great Italian food & a very pretty girl doing a power single act using a Roland E500 arranger/vocals & Flute......second place for Irish coffee & deserts a 1700's Tavern in a Philadelphia suburb a great Player/Singer using a Korg Pa800 & Bose Pas......a real nice evening of music & friends.

Yes it was a fun night..
It also showed a different way "pros" use their "home arrangers"..

Kristin used her E-500 for mic and effects ..as well as the sound source to play sequences from her laptop...playing keys on the E-500...She involved her regular following to sing with her..

Joe used his PA800 in a way Diki mentioned..as a quick set up instrument..
He plays left hand bass with right hand tones such as brass, piano, strings etc..The drums are the auto play...and vocals/harmony are also from the PA800..
Joe is the best at backing quest singers..in real time....It is always party time on Joe's gigs...

The funny thing about Joe's set up..he has a Bose 4 feet from his ear..and uses a floor monitor in front of the "stage" area...I guess the Bose doesn't cut it for him in this room..

A side bar....Joe stated he absolutely hates the PA800...and compared to his previous model the PAx model with speakers..the PA800 is half the weight and half the "balls" of the older model....by the way the PAx is in the repair shop.....speakers didn't hold up well...

Joe's act was more energy, but Kristin was early in her show {dinner set}...

BTW: the E-500 did sound better than the PA800...