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So, all in all, I don't much care for what the 'average' arranger user thinks of it. I'm not one of those...

Thanks Diki, you have understood my point exactly...you aren't the "average" arranger user.

Roland's third party support is dismal, and reflected in their sales....all one has to do is read the forums, including this one.

Sad, really, because they might have done much better by pitching to the home market instead of the pros who seem to be ashamed to be caught on stage or camera with an arranger.

Roland's marketing has also really bonked things up for sure....that's why they are languishing on the shelves and in warehouses(according to Fran).

I would be very surprised to see Roland introduce a replacement for the G70...and if they do, it will probably be quite different than the present model, and either made more specifically for the pro, or geared more clearly to the home buyer.


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