You still fail to get the point, Ian...

The Roland's DON'T NEED third party support. Everything that you HAVE to get third party support for on a Yamaha, Roland's already do, very elegantly and well integrated, within the arranger itself. You don't need to fly files out to your computer, you can adjust every aspect of a registration and sound and style and SMF and drumkit quickly and easily, even on the gig, while you are still playing! And then store it.

Exactly where it is best to do it, in the heat of battle, with your full PA and a crowd around you. Trying to hone a sequence at home, under non-gigging situations, is hit and miss at best. But if you need that snare a tad hotter, you'll KNOW it at the gig. Is it ringing, would it work better through YOUR PA if it were tuned down a tad? I don't imagine many Yamaha users are firing up Jørgen's programs during a gig. So you miss the opportunity to sound better.

But Roland's can do this easily. While you play. Beat THAT!