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"Personally, buying the same arranger as everyone else puts up a red flag for me. I don't WANT to sound like everyone else"
This sounds like the buyer that comes into my store and sees a wall of Fender Stratocaster guitars and says "I don't want one of those Strats, everyone plays those" and I say to them "that's because players love the sound, feel, etc. and want what the Strat offers. If this wasn't the case, so many musicians would choose other brands and models".
I also want to respond to my original post in stating that what Roland E80's do are quite good, as is the Tyros3, but the Yamaha has some extra things, as does the Roland (make up tools, etc.) that might be appreciated by the end user.
I also want to mention that the Yamaha is made in Japan and the Roland is made in Italy and as for me, I would prefer the model made in Japan for their reputation for top manufacturing in almost every kind of item they make. Most Yamaha products are now made in either China or Indonesia. Don't get me in trouble here ..........Italian manufacturing is good, but I think we all know here the reputation of things made in Japan.

That's funny I get the same thing. They don;t realize the Fender is probably the most VERSATILE guitar made. Are you happy with three tones or five? The problem with Roland is they are all about the Fantom. Everything else for them is an "also ran" the red headed stepchild.

DIKI You must have Roland arranger players on every corner down there since you have this insatiable need to sound different....

There aren't enough of them around for people the even consider they sound the same as the next guy. There is no "next guy."

Yamaha treats ALL their keyboards the same with support and sales tools and divisions. The support is amazing. If I have a question in the store I can call Yamaha and get someone immediately being a dealer in the middle of a demo that's not only helpful but the customer witnesses that support level as well..

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