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What's the best selling car in the world? Is it the 'best car in the world'? Not by a LONG shot. So what do you want to buy? The best SELLING arranger, or the 'best' arranger? Looking at sales stats don't tell you a damn thing other than the power of marketing. Me, I'm a musician, not a salesman

I'll let my EARS decide, not some sales chart...

You are partially right Diki, but generally, the better selling cars are the best...e.g.Toyota Corolla.

Something that doesn't meet consumer standards inevitably fails....i.e. General Motors.

Of course you don't want to sound like everyone else...understandable...but unless you work your G70 your way, your keyboard will sound like every other G70...same goes for any keyboard.

My point is I'd rather have good product support, and anyone buying today would/should expect the same...it is comforting to a new user(as well as long term )to know there is good 3rd party support.

You made the quote about Roland, and I only took you at your word, as would anyone else reading your statement.

Yamaha sells well to the church market in my region because of it's "finished" sound....not one church in my area uses a Roland arranger, but there are several using Tyros.

Like you, they let their ears decide.


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