Originally posted by Fran Carango:
Ian you have to be kidding..saying Yamaha is not harder to work with...

I think you and most folks really do not understand these tools and their benefits..

I didn't say it wasn't harder...I said it wasn't THAT much harder...like everything, you get used to it, and it becomes second nature.

But you're right in saying that most folks don't understand these tools and benefits, much like the chord sequencer that Roland dropped....and if we are being real about this, VERY FEW users do any style creation, whether it be on Roland or Yamaha... very few....most can't be bothered or they just find any process too tedious.

So it's not really whether the style creator is easy to use or "elegant"...most don't even try, and want the styles already done for them.

I read the Roland sites, and the Korg sites...people are hungry for pre-made styles.

You and Diki don't represent the average user...you guys are pros....MOST arranger buyers are amateurs....they want everything pre-made, and rarely if ever venture into the inner workings of their keyboards.

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