George, IF ONLY it were as easy to make an electronic keyboard sound as different as a guitarist can make even a Strat sound!

Mind you, what amp you use (or even what model of Strat) can make a huge difference, and then there's the player's technique (not just the notes, but pick angle, playing force, a hundred other things, etc.). Heck, even just changing the PICK can make a big difference.

But put almost anyone behind an arranger, and it sounds like what it is. For starters, there are the styles themselves... From what I read here (your customer base in a nutshell) darn few do anything at all to the styles. Very few do much to the sounds. Even fewer use the sampler. I never heard a Yamaha demo here that I didn't know in a flash it was a Yamaha. Same with most everything else, too. Including Roland, if they don't USE the tools provided!

But if, like those guitarists, your goal is to sound like YOU (not just play like you), the ease with which you CAN alter the entire sound of the arranger is going to be important. And yes, I know that just about all of them CAN be altered, should their owners choose. BUT... how easy the OS makes it for you to do this will often make the difference between someone doing it regularly, and just giving up because it is too much work...

You can lead a horse to water, but if you put the stream out of easy reach, you still can't MAKE him drink