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Not here (in Europe). Yamaha lags a distant third behind Roland and Ketron for professional use here.

The last time I auditioned a Tyros - the Tyros 2, earlier this year - I rejected it in favour of an E-80 for several reasons, but one of the main ones was that the Yamaha appeared to be made from what could charitably be described as sub-Toys R Us cheap Chinese plastics. Sat next to an E-80 it's quite obvious which one has been designed with the professional gigging musician in mind.

I can understand someone preferring voices,features, feel etc when choosing a keyboard. If one needs to impress people with the LOOK of the keyboard rather then their playing I really don;t think the materials will make a difference. But then again Guitar makers save a lot of money making cheap guitars that "look" great.

I don't understand the obsession with heavy Iron! Everything is made of plastic today, Its weight to strength ratio is an advantage over steel.

I don't think either keyboard would survive a 5' drop worse than the other. Well the heavier one might sustain more injury internally. I would think Plastic can absorb more impact then metal which transmits the impact to the inside.
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