Originally posted by Diki:
how easy the OS makes it for you to do this will often make the difference between someone doing it regularly, and just giving up because it is too much work...

The Yamaha OS is not that much more difficult than the Roland, as you seem to think, Diki...I have no problem teaching a client how to use Style Creator IF they want to use it.

MOST people do not take advantage of style creation/editing, but usually turn to a third party, regardless of how easy the tools are to use.

So, it is important to most, if not all arranger buyers that there are lots of extras available(meaning factory and third party support).

We both know that most people take the "easiest" way out,not the "easier".

You are the exception maybe, but most arranger users I talk to (Roland or Yamaha or Korg)are always looking for third party styles...they just don't want to make them.

I heard that MidiSpot, a big source of Roland 3rd party styles seems to have abandoned them...is this true?

You can buy Yamaha styles on line....you can get lots of styles (and MIDIS) through the many Yamaha support groups.

That's why Yamaha is successful....hard to beat that kind of product support.

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