George is right...go for the Tyros 3...newer sounds(especially SA2), plenty of terrific styles(with the distinct advantage of Yamaha's exclusive mega voice technology), excellent storage capability with built in Hard Drive, and audio recording with overdubbing.

Yamaha has, by far, the most extensive third party support system, and there is a vast amount of high quality styles and SMF available.

The E-80 is a very nice instrument, but it is more comparable to the Tyros 1 than the third generation Tyros 3.

If you are moving your equipment by yourself, the Tyros3 is also a lot lighter.

As was already mentioned....nothing beats trying these instruments out for's a big expenditure for most of us, and one to be approached with caution and thoroughness.

BTW...I am a Yamaha aficionado...they are so good, I choose to work for the company...therefore, my comments are clearly biased towards the Tyros 3.

Good luck.


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