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Revoicing Pre-recorded SMF Song Files on a TYROS
Individual Song Track Parameters such as Voice, Volume, Pan, Tempo, etc. can be changed by using the 'MIXING CONSOLE' function.

1) Load a Song

2) Press the [MIXING CONSOLE] button repeatedly to select Song Channels 1 - 8 or Channels 9 – 16.

3) Press the [C] button to select the 'VOICE' section in the screen.

4) Press the [^] toggle button under the display for a desired Channel and select a new Voice.

5) Press [EXIT] to return to the Mixing Console page.

6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all tracks are revoiced as desired.

7) Press the [DIGITAL RECORDING] button.

8) Press the [A] button to select 'SONG CREATOR'.

9) Use the [BACK] and [NEXT] buttons to display the 'CHANNEL' page in the screen.

10) Use the [A] and buttons to select 'SET UP' in the screen.

NOTE: Make sure the song is rewound to the top of the track

11) Press the [D] button “EXECUTE”

Saving the Edited Song:
1) Press the [I] button to select 'SAVE'.

2) Use the [BACK] and [NEXT] buttons to select the destination.

3) Press the '6' [v] toggle button to select 'SAVE'.

4) If necessary, rename the Song using the toggle buttons under the screen.

5) Press the '8' [^] toggle button to select 'OK' and save the Song.


That was Steve's directions...Ian you have to be kidding..saying Yamaha is not harder to work with...

And yes , I do edit live..why not..Roland makes it easy and practical....

I think you and most folks really do not understand these tools and their benefits..

Still ..to each his own..try them all and make an informed decision...I am glad I know the difference..

Or you can simply use "Auto revoice" and then save the song using song creator.
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