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Actually, yes, most of the arranger players I know down here are Roland users...

Not that I know that many... this is still a hotbed of bands, rather than OMB's, on the whole. That's one of the reasons I love my G70. It's a pretty unapologetic full band keyboard, AS WELL as a decent arranger.

Personally, I prefer arrangers, with their immediacy of editing and quick tone selection over WS's for live gigging. If you have plenty of time to set everything up in advance, a WS might sound a bit better (but not for the music I tend to play), but go out and play a pickup gig, where you need splits and layers at the drop of a hat (I'm not really one of those 'one sound at a time' type players ), and an arranger is FAR easier to setup on the fly...

So far, just about every band I've played in has gone 'Holy cr@p! That things sounds AMAZING! What in the hell is it?'. This, in a town with plenty of Tritons, Fantoms, Motif's, etc.. I definitely have never ONCE got a negative comment about it being an arranger! In the studio, it's getting plenty of track time even against VSTi's and the K2500, Tritons, etc..

So, all in all, I don't much care for what the 'average' arranger user thinks of it. I'm not one of those...

And, were I to use even the vaunted T3, you BET I would be still trying to sound 'different' But having a harder time to do it..!

I am sure no one will diss an arranger who hires someone to play for a night. You would be surprised to realize how many people don;t even know the quality Arrangers even exist, I ALWAYS demo an arranger to anyone looking for Home Recording equipment. I cannot remember when someone already knew what they could do for a song writer hobbiest with home studio over a Workstation.

Even those who come in looking for Motifs were not aware of the capabilities of Arrangers regarding making 3 quick layers and left hand separate sounds, Splits and generally on the fly sound creation. In the Roland G70s case and the Korg one would not suspect anything is different from any workstation Keyboard.

The Yamaha's are giveaways with the Tyros big square lit up buttons and 61 keys. Especially the speakered 900's, until they are heard.
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