Scott please keep in mind that the good Lord wired me a certain way. We are all wired a special way with some variations. Now I’m safe to proceed. (smile)

So working with moving styles from one keyboard to another I have come to this conclusion: each style is made by the manufacture using their sound engine and other features made by them. It’s a story by itself. When you try to use it in a different keyboard (Different manufacturer) there are many differences. This leaves you something like the original that almost makes it.

The sounds of the drums and basses are so different that when I play “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller it sounds like it is being played by a group of musicians in their twenties.

Scott post your thoughts on the General Arranger forum, you will receive different opinions on the subject. Rikki (a very nice woman, and always ready to help) has worked with styles for many years.

Pa4x the “2” is the new upgrade. From what I understand it is one of the best upgrades ever. (????)

Years ago I remember getting the written original Big Band arrangements (The notes) of some great songs. I placed each part of the arrangement in the Kn7 using “Step Time” It sounded OK, but there was much more needed than just notes and instruments. But, it was fun doing it.

Take care, John C.