Scott, the 2 after Pa4x is the upgrade. Back in the Technics days my friend and I worked with midi files. What you created with the Technics did not sound good on another keyboard because Technics used Technics instrument sounds. You had to use GM instruments. (General to all keyboards)

We did find a way to make the drums in a Technics midi file much stronger. When a Technics midi files was made it used the style from the keyboard. Trying to use the midi file in another required a bit of work. Personally I found that playing today’s midi files through my IPad or my laptop adequate. (Very acceptable)

Now the important part: managing midi files in Technics was not easy. In the Pa4x it is a simple operation. Each time I took a Technics midi file and put into another keyboard I did not like it – because the instrument sounds in the other keyboard were not the same – not as good.

Gotta stop here, my friend Roger knows much more about Technics midi files; and he is always ready to help. I have a good bunch of Technics converted to Korg styles – they are fair; defiantly not the same.

I loved the Technics forum when it was filled with many very precious people; miss it.
John C.