John, thanks very much for your response. You stated things very clearly. Before I go further, I want to thank Rog for his comments. I smile in thinking about this add-on speaker--a Dixie cup and string. ha ha. Seriously, I am sure it sounds good. I still wish and think that companies should always put speakers in portable keyboards. Traveling, having to add a speaker is a drawback.

John and Rog, since I know nothing about midi but know that it can be downloaded into keyboards and in the case of the Pa4x, why can't you take arrangements and ideas from the KN7 and put them into the computer as a midi file and use them like a typical midi? What is the difference? I can understand trying to take a cable from the KN7 into the Pa4x and it not working but made as a midi file, it seems that it should enter in the keyboard as a standard midi file. It would be so nice to take what I have done in the KN7 and improve the sounds in the Pa4x or make a few changes.

John, you didn't say anything about my seeing a 2 after the Pa4x. Is this a newer version or something that can be downloaded into the keyboard for more sounds? There are many videos on YouTube that I haven't brought up. Many are in foreign languages, which makes it difficult to understand.

How different is this keyboard from the KN7 with working in a Composer type to do your own from scratch styles?

John, you certainly are a brave soul making the change when you were 81. Right on!!! Sorry about losing your wife.

You are so right about keyboards and everything else, including humans with becoming obsolete. Big laughs.