I've fiddled around on my friend's PA4X for more than a year now, whilst I still work with my KN7000 both at home and out gigging.
From an operational point of view I find that there is little or no crossover between the two machines in terms of taking years of setups done in Technics and transferring them across to a PA4X...I think you've really got to start from scratch with the Korg in more ways than one. There are a lot of styles available for the PA4X on the internet produced in its Korg operating system...many of them song specific.
Would I start from scratch again now after 20 years of Technics data currently available to me instantly...no, I'm afraid not.
I haven't tried reproducing technics stuff in midi format and then taking it over to PA4X and unravelling it into a Korg style file but I reckon that the O/S is so different that although midi is universal the result would not have been worth the considerable effort.
Just my opinion, Scott.
Roger M