Roger the Pa4x has SongBook where all your songs are stored. You can filter the songs accordion to a code.

1-AA for big band slow
2-BB for big band up tempo
3-CC for slow rock Ect-------

Then you have 11 Set List (panel memory) which contain 14 songs in each of the 11 set list with all the information. You also have an additional 11 Set List which stores instrumentation.
The songbook can call up yours songs, Mp3s, Lyrics, Recorded sequences, and more.

I use my IPad for the lyrics and chords. The IPad and SongBook are in sync. I am now working on connecting the keyboard and the IPad with midi so that I press the song I want on the keyboard and the IPad displays the same song. I hear that it can also be done in reverse – Ipad to Keyboard.
There is more Roger, but the keyboard is still new to me.

Take care, John C.

PS, Press two adjacent buttons while I am playing a song and my chord sequence records as a loop. The sequence continues non-stop leaving my two hands to do whatever. Like the Kn7 the sequence can be played with any style including the OTS, Pads, intro, endings, styles and fills