I have been a technics user since the Kn2000. I owned and sold four Kn7000; I was looking for a Kn8000 – and upgrade from the keyboard I loved, Kn7000.

The Yamaha S970, returned it, it was not for me. The Korg 900, it was just OK. I have owned a Tyros 3, a Psr 910, and a KMA; none took the place of my Kn7000.

I now own a Korg Pa4x --- I finally found my next step up from the Kn7000. It will do everything the Kn7 does and more. There is one problem; the learning a new operating system. I had to forget what I knew about Technics and relearn the new OS. Not an easy task but with the tutorials that are available and a little patients you will be more than satisfied. It is as if they took the features from the Kn7000 and Wersi and improved them.

My reason for this post – Just to share my excitement and contentment.

PS, Some of the Pa4x users are using a tablet or an IPad and connected them to their Pa4x. When they select a song on the keyboard, the tablet or IPad displays the same song automatically. Wow, a touch of space age. (smile)