Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x

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Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/18/17 03:17 AM

I have been a technics user since the Kn2000. I owned and sold four Kn7000; I was looking for a Kn8000 – and upgrade from the keyboard I loved, Kn7000.

The Yamaha S970, returned it, it was not for me. The Korg 900, it was just OK. I have owned a Tyros 3, a Psr 910, and a KMA; none took the place of my Kn7000.

I now own a Korg Pa4x --- I finally found my next step up from the Kn7000. It will do everything the Kn7 does and more. There is one problem; the learning a new operating system. I had to forget what I knew about Technics and relearn the new OS. Not an easy task but with the tutorials that are available and a little patients you will be more than satisfied. It is as if they took the features from the Kn7000 and Wersi and improved them.

My reason for this post – Just to share my excitement and contentment.

PS, Some of the Pa4x users are using a tablet or an IPad and connected them to their Pa4x. When they select a song on the keyboard, the tablet or IPad displays the same song automatically. Wow, a touch of space age. (smile)
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/19/17 06:39 AM

What replaces the panel memories of the Technics in the PA4X may I ask?
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/19/17 08:48 AM

Roger the Pa4x has SongBook where all your songs are stored. You can filter the songs accordion to a code.

1-AA for big band slow
2-BB for big band up tempo
3-CC for slow rock Ect-------

Then you have 11 Set List (panel memory) which contain 14 songs in each of the 11 set list with all the information. You also have an additional 11 Set List which stores instrumentation.
The songbook can call up yours songs, Mp3s, Lyrics, Recorded sequences, and more.

I use my IPad for the lyrics and chords. The IPad and SongBook are in sync. I am now working on connecting the keyboard and the IPad with midi so that I press the song I want on the keyboard and the IPad displays the same song. I hear that it can also be done in reverse – Ipad to Keyboard.
There is more Roger, but the keyboard is still new to me.

Take care, John C.

PS, Press two adjacent buttons while I am playing a song and my chord sequence records as a loop. The sequence continues non-stop leaving my two hands to do whatever. Like the Kn7 the sequence can be played with any style including the OTS, Pads, intro, endings, styles and fills
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/21/17 05:43 AM

I was thinking more of multiple settings for a single song which you can set up in KN7000 in panel memories and then use a foot pedal to move from setting to setting...very often I use 8 settings for a single song.
Is there an equivalent to that in the PA4X, John?
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/21/17 03:35 PM

Roger there are 11 panel memories as you call them Korg calls them SetList. Each set list has 14 memories spots (places) to store a setting.

If I am correct you have room for 11 songs with 14 settings in each one without loading. I have to research your pedal question. Roger keep this in mind – you are used to doing a job the Technics way. Other keyboards accomplish the same job their own way. The final product is what is important.

Have you used YouTube to compare both keyboards.
I see many features that had to come from Technics and Wersi. They are not exactly the same but they are improved, and do the same job.

AND there is much more. I had a Kn7000 next to my Pa900 – The technics was beautiful as it always is. But if there are dancers or you are putting on a show the Pa4x will be way out front. It is more exciting.

Download the manual and do a bit of reading.

Roger this video it will make you smile.

I had doubts so I kept my Kn7000 until I bought a Korg Pa900; then played them side by side. We all hear our own way my friend. Your ears have listened to Technics for many years, any change will be a challenge.

Take care, John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/22/17 02:03 AM

Roger it looks like the pedal can control the SetList section. And give you what you want. I ordered a pedal, when it comes in I’ll give it a try.

John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/25/17 03:37 PM

Hi, John -

It's been a long time since I have posted. I seldom ever check out the forum anymore. "Those that can't, teach" are either dead or don't seem to post anymore. (smile) Anyway, I want to thank you for posting about the Korg Pa4x. Congratulations on owning one.

I have a few questions hopefully you can answer. I see also posts on YouTube of a Korg Pa4x 2 what is the difference? Is this a later version? Checking out a few videos of very talented players, I am impressed with the keyboard but also not so impressed. No one has mentioned speakers in the keyboard. I don't see any unless they are at the sides of the instrument. If no speakers in the keyboard, no interest in my owning one. I don't want to have to hook up speakers when I am doing arrangements. I expect sound to be right in front of me. It is one thing to carry speakers on a job but not being at home working on arrangements.

I laughed at one post on a video on YouTube stating that the sound of the keyboard sounds like a cheap Casio. I don't go along with that but some of the sounds sound compressed. A couple of videos played the same big band intro and the horn section sounded so muffled and not part of the same sound of the other instruments. Also, apparently to get the most out of the keyboard, you have to really use your fingers a lot away from playing. It seemed to me that all that played were constantly changing keys and touching the screen. To me, this breaks the concentration of playing. I haven't seen a video on customizing sounds or the use of the sequencer. Also, no mention of actually doing your own (from scratch) style. It seems everything is focused on midi or built-in styles to change--nothing mentioned or shown about doing your own complete style.

I was much impressed with the sound of the pianos. And we thought the KN7000 had a good piano! One thing that is most impressive is the loss of the loop sound--ugh! There is plenty enough of it in the KN7000.

What's it all mean, I wouldn't mind at all having the keyboard but this would require all the work I put in the KN7000 lost other than recordings I have made with big arrangements. Speaking of, is there any way to load styles and songs from the KN7 to the Korg Pa4x?

Thanks, again for posting.

Best regards,

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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/26/17 08:30 AM

Couple of things I can answer there Scott. There is a speaker which is added on and runs right along the back of the keyboard....good sound quality too.
KN7 styles most definitely do NOT work in the Korg PA4X and would need some software to convert from Technics to Korg...not cheap.
Basically the PA4X is another Arranger keyboard employing the latest technology such as USB memory sticks; touch screen etc but with a totally different operating system to the Technics range of friend has one and I need to think differently when doing a set up to play a song.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/26/17 12:31 PM

Hi Scott, let’s start with why I sold, at different times, four different Kn7 keyboards. There will never be another Kn7000 keyboard; it was one of a kind. It is simple thinking --- every one-of-a-kind keyboard had its time. They all became obsolete because the new keyboards offer more.

No keyboard today will play Glenn Miller like the Kn7. I had a Kn7 on one side of my studio and a Tyros – Korg Pa800 --- Korg Pa900—and a Pa4x on the other. After a while I had played the Kn7, so I sold them. Keep in mind that this happened over a period of ten years.

Is there a learning curve? Yes there is, it thinks differently. I owned Technics from the Kn2000 to the Kn7000; I never missed the new model. That equals approximately twenty some odd years. My brain was all about Technics. There is a price to pay when you change keyboards. The alternative is to stay with a keyboard that is hard to get repaired, hardly gets talked about any more, and has few friends (compare to other keyboards) to talk to about the Kn7. The great days of the Kn7, and the Bebops (spelling) are gone. I wanted a new family, the new ideas (options) that the keyboards were offering. Had a Yamaha S970 for two weeks and traded it back for a Pa4x. – it had many of the same features (options) that the Kn7 did.

Speakers; There are no speakers I the Pa4x.
If you play out use the same speakers to play at home. If you use different speakers to program at home there will be a difference when you play out.
Playing and programing at home: There is a Korg speaker that attaches to the back of the Pa4x – sound great. The price is $499.99. I have an old Z2200 computer speaker I use for simple enjoyment. It was popular here on the Technics forum. When I programing for a job I use my Bose compact.

I lost my wife in 1994, can you imagine how much of a learning curve I had to go through. (Sorry my sick sense of humor)

Scott it is all about you enjoying a challenge. I made the change when I was 81 years old.

These are only my opinion – I hope I’m helping, John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/26/17 08:16 PM

John, thanks very much for your response. You stated things very clearly. Before I go further, I want to thank Rog for his comments. I smile in thinking about this add-on speaker--a Dixie cup and string. ha ha. Seriously, I am sure it sounds good. I still wish and think that companies should always put speakers in portable keyboards. Traveling, having to add a speaker is a drawback.

John and Rog, since I know nothing about midi but know that it can be downloaded into keyboards and in the case of the Pa4x, why can't you take arrangements and ideas from the KN7 and put them into the computer as a midi file and use them like a typical midi? What is the difference? I can understand trying to take a cable from the KN7 into the Pa4x and it not working but made as a midi file, it seems that it should enter in the keyboard as a standard midi file. It would be so nice to take what I have done in the KN7 and improve the sounds in the Pa4x or make a few changes.

John, you didn't say anything about my seeing a 2 after the Pa4x. Is this a newer version or something that can be downloaded into the keyboard for more sounds? There are many videos on YouTube that I haven't brought up. Many are in foreign languages, which makes it difficult to understand.

How different is this keyboard from the KN7 with working in a Composer type to do your own from scratch styles?

John, you certainly are a brave soul making the change when you were 81. Right on!!! Sorry about losing your wife.

You are so right about keyboards and everything else, including humans with becoming obsolete. Big laughs.


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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/27/17 03:20 PM

Scott, the 2 after Pa4x is the upgrade. Back in the Technics days my friend and I worked with midi files. What you created with the Technics did not sound good on another keyboard because Technics used Technics instrument sounds. You had to use GM instruments. (General to all keyboards)

We did find a way to make the drums in a Technics midi file much stronger. When a Technics midi files was made it used the style from the keyboard. Trying to use the midi file in another required a bit of work. Personally I found that playing today’s midi files through my IPad or my laptop adequate. (Very acceptable)

Now the important part: managing midi files in Technics was not easy. In the Pa4x it is a simple operation. Each time I took a Technics midi file and put into another keyboard I did not like it – because the instrument sounds in the other keyboard were not the same – not as good.

Gotta stop here, my friend Roger knows much more about Technics midi files; and he is always ready to help. I have a good bunch of Technics converted to Korg styles – they are fair; defiantly not the same.

I loved the Technics forum when it was filled with many very precious people; miss it.
John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/28/17 11:42 AM

I've fiddled around on my friend's PA4X for more than a year now, whilst I still work with my KN7000 both at home and out gigging.
From an operational point of view I find that there is little or no crossover between the two machines in terms of taking years of setups done in Technics and transferring them across to a PA4X...I think you've really got to start from scratch with the Korg in more ways than one. There are a lot of styles available for the PA4X on the internet produced in its Korg operating system...many of them song specific.
Would I start from scratch again now after 20 years of Technics data currently available to me, I'm afraid not.
I haven't tried reproducing technics stuff in midi format and then taking it over to PA4X and unravelling it into a Korg style file but I reckon that the O/S is so different that although midi is universal the result would not have been worth the considerable effort.
Just my opinion, Scott.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/28/17 11:56 AM

John and Rog -

I have read carefully all you have said but nothing I am finding regarding doing arrangements from scratch. It seems all about midi files and the ability of changing them. As I have said many times over the years, I do not use other people's ideas. I create everything myself. I have never been one to use pre-set styles in the keyboard. I think they are bad and totally unprofessional sounding. You have two measure that come back to haunt you constantly. You can't play complex harmony because the base line created in these styles won't fall in the right place and sound terrible. I can create a base line that will work with any song and always play with the right note.

Apparently, there is no such thing as a composer section in this keyboard. All my work is done there. I create my style fully there and then use it in the sequencer for a song. This may interest you but I have done COMPLETE songs in composer ONLY. I have used all the variations, fill-ins in 16 measures each and in the sequencer when I do the song panel memories are used ONLY for changing from one variation to another. It is very interesting because the song done this way, using panel memories only for changing variations, the completed song has not used one bit of memory in the song. All the memory used comes from the composer. This will give you an idea of my knowledge and expertise in using composer.

I think the Korg Pa4x is an ideal keyboard for the "button pushers." I say that in all due respect. I was hoping that one could do what I could do in the KN7, if in a different way but I think it would have to be a separate area from the sequencer for me to do original styles. I do wish that there was a video and maybe there is fully showing all the different things you can do in the keyboard and cover my concern.

I appreciate your responses.


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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/28/17 03:53 PM

Scott the Korg Pa4x has a record section where you can record a full song --- or record each part separately – and an editing section where you can change what you wish. It has the same system for styles and pads.

Another plus is that you can play more than one pad at a time.

The important part is the learning curve. It would not be logical to think that a leading flagship keyboard like Korg Pa4x would not have a complete recording sequence system that surpasses the keyboards of years ago. And yes I remember listening to sequence that was recorded using only the composer section on the Kn7.

Scott what I am writing here is only information. Not everyone will put the time into relearning. For myself, I used a dedicated sequencer recorder --- CakeWalk, later renamed Sonar. The pros write their sequence on a dedicated sequencer and then transfer it to a keyboard.

My suggestion: Go and play a Pa4x or download the manual. The keyboards of today have 30 times more options of the older ones. Everytime I found a new option on my Kn7000 I became excited. I feel the same way with the Pa4x. Please keep in mind I had the Pa800 and the Pa900 before buying the Pa4x. The hardest learning curve was from the Kn7 to my first Korg keyboard, the Pa800. Fo4 a while I hated it until I realized that I had to forget about Technics and relearn Korg’s system.

I hope I’m helping here, John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/28/17 06:52 PM

A big sigh!!! The keyboard has a section to do styles from scratch! Good point about downloading the manual. I assume it is free. Because I am a perfectionist, I must comment on my spelling of "base" I guess I was thinking of baseball. I meant of course and you understood I was referring to bass.

You mentioned you listened to a sequence that was done using only composer. Was it what I uploaded to my site for others to hear? It was a lot of work and involved in and out of ad libbing and various movements. I saw no post of anyone else doing this. In order to do what I did, one has to be very familiar with the composer.

Posted by: bruno123

Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/28/17 07:28 PM

Yes it was you Scott, I really miss those days.

The manual is free. When you see how intense/involved it is you will understand why I love the keyboard. I dislike buying a keyboard or computer that I can learn in a few months. Steve I still do not know many parts of the Pa4x --- that’s because I work on the necessary sections that I need to play until I am comfortable; then I go on.

My biggest problem was that I tried to make the korg do what the Kn7 did; and in the same way. Korg has its own way of creating and it is much better.

Now if you read all that I have written and buy the Pa4x – AND you don’t like it, I will feel responsible and then I will have to buy it from you. (smile)

Scott life is fun, how fortunate we are, John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/29/17 07:29 AM

I just want to pop in and say hello. Rog and John have covered the essentials of the Pa4x already and I agree. I have had mine a little over a year. Before that I played my KN7000 for over twelve years and, like the rest of us, was devastated at it's demise. However, life goes on with or without us, and sold it to John, who I believe, had two previously. The Pa4X is a fine replacement, even though I started from scratch. I found it was not a bad thing because all the new sounds and styles gave me a fresh outlook on my old favorites.

I, also, miss the old gang in the KN7000's heyday.

See ya
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/29/17 09:04 AM


Glad you heard what I did in composer. That song was 15 minutes long. It shows you how many variations and fill-ins I used to do it.

Since there is little activity on this forum, I guess it is o.k. to talk about another keyboard. I didn't know the Korg Pa4x was at least a year old. I assumed it was sort of new. Speaking of keyboards, has anything special come out from Roland? They have made good keyboards in the past. One would think they would be competitive.

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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/29/17 03:15 PM

Scott please keep in mind that the good Lord wired me a certain way. We are all wired a special way with some variations. Now I’m safe to proceed. (smile)

So working with moving styles from one keyboard to another I have come to this conclusion: each style is made by the manufacture using their sound engine and other features made by them. It’s a story by itself. When you try to use it in a different keyboard (Different manufacturer) there are many differences. This leaves you something like the original that almost makes it.

The sounds of the drums and basses are so different that when I play “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller it sounds like it is being played by a group of musicians in their twenties.

Scott post your thoughts on the General Arranger forum, you will receive different opinions on the subject. Rikki (a very nice woman, and always ready to help) has worked with styles for many years.

Pa4x the “2” is the new upgrade. From what I understand it is one of the best upgrades ever. (????)

Years ago I remember getting the written original Big Band arrangements (The notes) of some great songs. I placed each part of the arrangement in the Kn7 using “Step Time” It sounded OK, but there was much more needed than just notes and instruments. But, it was fun doing it.

Take care, John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/29/17 06:50 PM


Thanks for all you said. This will be my last post. I have checked out the General Arranger and apparently, there are a lot of bitches posting. Nigel had to step in and give warning.

Enjoy your Korg. My problem is that I am in a location where I cannot check out keyboards. You apparently have this advantage.

Keep on keeping on with your music.

Best regards,

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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 07/30/17 06:23 AM

Scott, so sad, But for a few everyone pays the price. There are a lot of good men on the forum; many are EX Technics users. People like Kikkii go back over 20 years; Yamaha, Technics and now Korg.

Kikkii, , Don, Donny, Gary, Bebop and a few others helped me whenever I asked a question. Some sent me pages of information with styles and instrument sounds.

Take care, John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 11/24/17 04:14 PM

Hello Friends,

I've been reading your comments on the Pa4X and having recently been to an OKC Music Week I can tell you the '2' basically means the original Px4X has been greatly updated.
The Korg team were there with not only the newly updated Pa4X but also a new, very lightweight piano. I was lucky enough to have the chance of playing both. Piano is my first love and the Korg's piano was a dream for me and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. However, as we were led to believe the new Genos would be at the show, I wanted to see and play that before making any decisions at all. It turned out to be a complete 'con' in my opinion, as all we got was a lot of chit- chat and an old film on how Yamaha started up. No sight of a Genos at all.

I've since been to a local demonstration of the Genos and for me it is a 'no no' simply because although it has a 9" touch screen, it is literally embedded into the body of the keyboard and cannot be moved. I had a keyboard like this a few years back and when the sun was on the screen, I just could not see it, plus being a music reader, having to take my eyes off the music meant I often lost my place leading to embarrassing mistakes.

However a friend of mine ordered the new Pa4X-2 which is due to be delivered any day now. He's going to phone me when it arrives and has invited me to join him on the great occasion.
I'm really looking forward to it I used to have an original Pa4X and from what I saw and heard at the OKC week, the no.2 is something you cannot resist. I'll keep you posted.

Happy playing to all of you - Audrey Turner
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 11/24/17 10:00 PM

I have reached a new stage with music and my keyboard. After a life time of performing I have become a home player. Not an easy decision, but it is time.

My needs have changed, I no longer desire to have that live driving sound that makes people want to dance; it is not needed. I am also moving to the simplicity of playing music without all the technical stuff. I have put away my IPad and am now using my laptop which has all the information that I put together in my Kn7000 days.
Should I look for another Kn7000? No, most of what I remember and what thought was fantastic was fantastic for its day; I must move on.

I now own three keyboards: Korg Pa4z, Yamaha S970, and a Korg Micro Arranger. The Pa4x will allow me to do what comes to mind. The S970 is gentle and has the best selection of styles, the best support, and it is gentile – more for the artistic player. The Korg Micro Arranger is a powerful little 9 pound fiend I can carry to my friend’s house. I have all my needs covered.

I added a 22 inch monitor to the S970. It’s great for my tired eyes. I use it for setting up the keyboard. When I play it is attached to my laptop giving me 22 inches of lyrics or notes.
I will post more about as it happens.

John C.
Audrey Turner, it’s nice to see you posting. Like the song says, “Seems like old times”.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 11/25/17 01:33 AM

Hello Audrey, good to see you posting. Did wonder where you were for some time now.
interesting comments about Genos. I sit back and read them all good, bad ,and the rest. Glad I am not in the market, as I would not know which great board to buy.

Ray dance
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 11/25/17 08:56 AM

Be ready for a completely different operating system,Audrey, compared with the KN7000. For example there is an equivalent to panel memories in the Korg PA4X but it is not in the least bit obvious.
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 11/26/17 03:53 AM

“For example there is an equivalent to the Panel Memories in the Korg Pa4x, but it is not in the least obvious.”

My head still turns when I hear the sound of a Technics keyboard. Many years have passed since Technic was no more; things like Panel Memory have been greatly improved. The Songbook method of storing and retrieving has gone far beyond Panel Memory.

Yes, there is a bit of relearning, but well worth the effort. My biggest problem was forgetting the Technics method of doing; the rest was easy.

Roger playing your KMA through the Kn7000 is a great idea, never thought of it. Does the KMA have the same sound quality of Technics?

John C.
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 11/26/17 09:33 AM

Hi John, nowhere near the same quality as the Technics...make sure to block off the sound coming out of the KMA by putting a plug in the earphones socket. What you get is the sound coming through the speakers of an adult arranger.
Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 11/27/17 04:39 PM

Hello All,

Yes I had the original Pa4X for a few months and so I do have an idea how it works. The new version is much the same although the layout is slightly different. What I really liked was the 'Osimo' which, to quote Richard Ashby's comment, "takes the instrument to a completely new level through a combination of incorporating ideas and suggestions from amateur and professional Pa4X users around the world, plus some truly innovative new ideas from the design teams. Korg have, quite literally, produced something that will inspire anyone who plays Pa4X to be even more musically creative than before." Richard then goes on to explain what is new and in my opinion he is quite right, it was a joy to play.

In case anyone is interested, you can subscribe to the new "Korg World" Tutorial Magazine which will help newcomers to master the basics of the Pa4X-2. I think this idea is really forward thinking, as 1) not everyone has access to a computer and 2)I find it quicker/easier to follow the printed word, because if required, until you get to know the keyboard thoroughly, you can have the details on the music stand - simple.

That's enough from me for now - goodnight everyone.

Audrey T
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Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 12/05/17 10:11 AM

Hi John, just a quick hello from the distant past. I am still alive, kicking, and playing the several keyboards still in my studio. Just don't have the heart to sell them. Only technics KB now is the KN2400 the last one they made. It plays all my saved technics songs and styles. It is good to see you are still active here. Best regards and Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Bill Bebop Forrest. missing those good old days of the technics
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 12/06/17 07:00 AM

Technics, Bebop, and Technics Player --- WOW what a combo. How I miss those days.

John C.
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 12/06/17 07:17 AM

Once upon a time .....
My guess is, if Technics still was present with new models,
it would be the best of the top of the tops. smile
Posted by: Bernie9

Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 12/07/17 05:50 AM

Me too
Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: Kn7000 to Korg Pa4x - 12/31/17 03:44 PM

Hello John,

I've just logged on to the site you recommended and heard and watched a young girl playing boogie on the piano. Boogie is my favourite type of music. It brought back many happy memories for me. My eldest brother showed me how to play 'Three Blind Mice' with a boogie bass at the tender age of eight and I was 'hooked' as the saying goes. In our teen years we played the piano regularly at our local Youth Centre and his favourite pub. We had many requests for 'boogie' from the American Airmen when he would play bass and I would play treble then we would meet in the centre of the keyboard and continue playing together for awhile. It was great fun and occasionally it helped drown out the sound of overhead planes dropping bombs etc. I still like to play boogie but sadly my hands cannot handle the speed now but it doesn't stop my enjoyment of hearing it played by others. So thank you for putting it out on this site.

Audrey Turner