Scott the Korg Pa4x has a record section where you can record a full song --- or record each part separately – and an editing section where you can change what you wish. It has the same system for styles and pads.

Another plus is that you can play more than one pad at a time.

The important part is the learning curve. It would not be logical to think that a leading flagship keyboard like Korg Pa4x would not have a complete recording sequence system that surpasses the keyboards of years ago. And yes I remember listening to sequence that was recorded using only the composer section on the Kn7.

Scott what I am writing here is only information. Not everyone will put the time into relearning. For myself, I used a dedicated sequencer recorder --- CakeWalk, later renamed Sonar. The pros write their sequence on a dedicated sequencer and then transfer it to a keyboard.

My suggestion: Go and play a Pa4x or download the manual. The keyboards of today have 30 times more options of the older ones. Everytime I found a new option on my Kn7000 I became excited. I feel the same way with the Pa4x. Please keep in mind I had the Pa800 and the Pa900 before buying the Pa4x. The hardest learning curve was from the Kn7 to my first Korg keyboard, the Pa800. Fo4 a while I hated it until I realized that I had to forget about Technics and relearn Korg’s system.

I hope I’m helping here, John C.