Hi, John -

It's been a long time since I have posted. I seldom ever check out the forum anymore. "Those that can't, teach" are either dead or don't seem to post anymore. (smile) Anyway, I want to thank you for posting about the Korg Pa4x. Congratulations on owning one.

I have a few questions hopefully you can answer. I see also posts on YouTube of a Korg Pa4x 2 what is the difference? Is this a later version? Checking out a few videos of very talented players, I am impressed with the keyboard but also not so impressed. No one has mentioned speakers in the keyboard. I don't see any unless they are at the sides of the instrument. If no speakers in the keyboard, no interest in my owning one. I don't want to have to hook up speakers when I am doing arrangements. I expect sound to be right in front of me. It is one thing to carry speakers on a job but not being at home working on arrangements.

I laughed at one post on a video on YouTube stating that the sound of the keyboard sounds like a cheap Casio. I don't go along with that but some of the sounds sound compressed. A couple of videos played the same big band intro and the horn section sounded so muffled and not part of the same sound of the other instruments. Also, apparently to get the most out of the keyboard, you have to really use your fingers a lot away from playing. It seemed to me that all that played were constantly changing keys and touching the screen. To me, this breaks the concentration of playing. I haven't seen a video on customizing sounds or the use of the sequencer. Also, no mention of actually doing your own (from scratch) style. It seems everything is focused on midi or built-in styles to change--nothing mentioned or shown about doing your own complete style.

I was much impressed with the sound of the pianos. And we thought the KN7000 had a good piano! One thing that is most impressive is the loss of the loop sound--ugh! There is plenty enough of it in the KN7000.

What's it all mean, I wouldn't mind at all having the keyboard but this would require all the work I put in the KN7000 lost other than recordings I have made with big arrangements. Speaking of, is there any way to load styles and songs from the KN7 to the Korg Pa4x?

Thanks, again for posting.

Best regards,