John and Rog -

I have read carefully all you have said but nothing I am finding regarding doing arrangements from scratch. It seems all about midi files and the ability of changing them. As I have said many times over the years, I do not use other people's ideas. I create everything myself. I have never been one to use pre-set styles in the keyboard. I think they are bad and totally unprofessional sounding. You have two measure that come back to haunt you constantly. You can't play complex harmony because the base line created in these styles won't fall in the right place and sound terrible. I can create a base line that will work with any song and always play with the right note.

Apparently, there is no such thing as a composer section in this keyboard. All my work is done there. I create my style fully there and then use it in the sequencer for a song. This may interest you but I have done COMPLETE songs in composer ONLY. I have used all the variations, fill-ins in 16 measures each and in the sequencer when I do the song panel memories are used ONLY for changing from one variation to another. It is very interesting because the song done this way, using panel memories only for changing variations, the completed song has not used one bit of memory in the song. All the memory used comes from the composer. This will give you an idea of my knowledge and expertise in using composer.

I think the Korg Pa4x is an ideal keyboard for the "button pushers." I say that in all due respect. I was hoping that one could do what I could do in the KN7, if in a different way but I think it would have to be a separate area from the sequencer for me to do original styles. I do wish that there was a video and maybe there is fully showing all the different things you can do in the keyboard and cover my concern.

I appreciate your responses.