Roger there are 11 panel memories as you call them Korg calls them SetList. Each set list has 14 memories spots (places) to store a setting.

If I am correct you have room for 11 songs with 14 settings in each one without loading. I have to research your pedal question. Roger keep this in mind – you are used to doing a job the Technics way. Other keyboards accomplish the same job their own way. The final product is what is important.

Have you used YouTube to compare both keyboards.
I see many features that had to come from Technics and Wersi. They are not exactly the same but they are improved, and do the same job.

AND there is much more. I had a Kn7000 next to my Pa900 – The technics was beautiful as it always is. But if there are dancers or you are putting on a show the Pa4x will be way out front. It is more exciting.

Download the manual and do a bit of reading.

Roger this video it will make you smile.

I had doubts so I kept my Kn7000 until I bought a Korg Pa900; then played them side by side. We all hear our own way my friend. Your ears have listened to Technics for many years, any change will be a challenge.

Take care, John C.