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In general...
I feel Ian is correct on one point..
Yamaha does not want my business!

Why do I say that....
Many reasons, the main one is a lot of things I want are not there.

The 2 times I have called Yamaha support for assistance and/or suggestion for a OS update...I have been told 'No...you don't need that, this is a home keyboard, not a PRO instrument'

It seems I'm not alone...Yamaha does not want a lot of people's business!

If Korg comes with what I think they will..AND it gets promoted well...lookout!

Lee S.

No Lee, Yamaha wants customers just like every other manufacturer...they just have a target market that does not include you.

I sold more Tyros3 than I did Tyros2, so sales appear to be getting better rather than getting less...the Tyros4 may be an even bigger seller...time will tell.

Lee, I felt the same way about Roland...they weren't making anything that I wanted...the products were either too heavy, or I didn't like their way of doing things; user programs for instance, but the main deterrent was the weight and bulk.

I used to demo for Roland back in the E-series glory days...they are a fine company, and very focused, much the same way as Yamaha.

I can buy whatever brand I choose for my own personal use...my Roland rep buddy bought an S910 from me, I had a Roland/Boss digital recorder ...we buy what is best for our needs, and if a particular manufacturer doesn't have something to meet them...we buy elsewhere.

It's no big deal.

On your last comment, I truly hope Korg come out with a new TOTL range...competition is what drives these companies, and we the user/player always benefit.

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