Vocal sounds were showcased early on in the demos, because,(if you had been reading Yamaha forums like YPKO), there were a lot of requests for scat and vocal sounds.

We'll see more demos featuring the many other sounds and styles of the Tyros4...don't base you assessment of this instrument just on early demos.

Look at the G-70...it's early demos were pitiful, until the OS was upgraded...twice I believe.

The Tyros4 sounds great out of the box...and why shouldn't it?

No one wants to spend a month or more trying to make an instrumenty sound good, no matter if they are 40 or 80.

I want an instrument that sounds great when I first plug it in...I also want to be able to customize it to my liking.

The Tyros delivers on both fronts.

Yamaha Tyros4, Yamaha MS-60S Powered Monitors(2), Yamaha CS-01, Yamaha TQ-5, Yamaha PSR-S775.