Thing is, Ian, that's a rapidly diminishing demographic they are marketing these things to. It won't be long before all the 'home organ' players are in the ground, and then who does Yamaha go after? Better to position themselves for a market segment with a bit more longevity, IMO...

Weird how popular Korg's and Ketron's are with exactly the same demographic that Yamaha appeal to, despite being chalk and cheese in the sound department, too. Who knows, perhaps things aren't QUITE so cut and dry as you like to make out..? I admit, if ONLY Yamaha's sold, a lot of what you say would make sense. But much of it, you have to pretend that Korg, Ketron, Roland, and any other arranger manufacturers don't exist AT ALL or the logic completely falls apart.

BTW, it's flattering you like to address these rebuttals at me in particular, but on a thread where the majority opinion is similar to mine, how about addressing ALL of us?
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!