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I spent a small fortune for a CDROM for my K2500 of Take 6 samples. FAR better than these on the T4. But they VERY quickly turned into a gimmick, once the novelty wore off. I've got vocal scat sounds on the G70 comparable to the T4 scat sounds. Once again, after the first few months, I hardly ever use them.

I just don't get Yamaha's priorities... First, Uilleann Pipes on the T3, now scat voices on the T4, all the while ignoring the drums (or paying them lip service). I don't know about you, but I use drums on every single song I do, but Uilleann Pipes on ONE song, and scat voices on none. And I'd be prepared to say that the vast majority of us here are the same...


Exactly my thoughts.