Some would, some wouldn't...

I, for one, would LOVE a 76 PSR910 (or the next model based on the T3!). Yamaha's flat sound CAN be worked around, not ALL my keyboards have as good a feel as my G70 (I still play them!).

And I don't want a 76 PSR INSTEAD of my G70... I want it AS WELL!

As much chauvinism as goes on on this forum, you have to assume that quite a bit of the Yamaha 'bashing' comes from those that HAD to choose otherwise because of the preference for a larger keybed. Once you have made that choice, a lot of other baggage gets tossed in to self-justify the decision. There are as many things wrong with Korg and Ketron's 76's (and Roland's last ones) as there are wrong things in a PSR or T4.

But maybe not QUITE as many wrong things as is wrong with Yamaha's current 76 offerings Time for them to make better ones!
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