For some strange reason, I've never had the burning desire to play a 76-key arranger keyboard. I, personally, have always been comfortable with 61 keys. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm easier to satisfy.

Guess that's probably the case with every other player I know in my area. They're all using 61-keys too. No one seems to complain about a lack of keys other than a handful of individuals on this forum.

So, you have to wonder. If those complaining about Yamaha not having more keys on their PSR or Tyros series really, deep-down, wish they would have purchased a Yamaha? Are they just using the 76-key issue as an excuse for purchasing their current brand? Are they closeted Yamaha users, lurking behind other brand names but secretly playing Yamaha?

Of course I'm only being facetious, mainly to point out how silly all of this really is. This discussion has been going on for nearly as long as I've been here, nothing has changed and nothing is likely to change. Everyone has expressed their PERSONAL viewpoint on the 76 V/S 61 issue in nearly every post, and guess what--no one has ever benefited from all this bickering and bantering. NO manufacturer in the world is going to change anything based upon anything ever posted here--it's just not gonna' happen!

I don't know about anyone else here, but when I purchased my Korg, Roland and Yamaha keyboards, I bought them based upon what I heard coming out of the speakers--not the number of keys. The same holds true for the dozen or more sound systems I've owned over the past several decades. I always figured that if I liked what I heard, my audiences would probably like it too. So far, I have not been wrong on this.

I guess some folks will continue to beat this dead horse until their arms fall off, but I sure would like to see this particular issue come to an end. I, for one, would much rather learn about the neat things you discover with the inner-workings of YOUR keyboard, sound systems, mics, etc.. and how those discoveries could benefit other forum members. The posting of this kind of information was the main reason I originally came to the Synthzone--I learned a lot. And, as old as I am I'm still able to learn.

The 76/61 horse is dead!

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