Yamaha including an XLR input on the T4 only proves that Yamaha can do something that a part of the market wants. Did not their market research tell them that a 1/4 imput was good and no XLR is needed? But because a part of the market said the wanted XLR the made the T4 with XLR and it does not affect those who did not want XLR. Same thing with 76 keys part of the market say they want 76 keys and they could do the same thing with 76 keys. And, the foolishness about there not being a market for 76 keys, remember Yamaha currently makes 76 keys arrangers, they made the PSR 9000 pro and Roland, Korg, Ketron all make 76 keys arrangers. And I still think that is is bad business for a Yamaha representative to say he does not want a significant part of the arranger market. For one, it is bad PR.

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