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Iana said: “Yamaha isn't looking for your business at all”.
What a silly and irresponsible thing for a representative of Yamaha to say.

What are you...the post fairy?

Nothing irresponsible or silly about telling the truth.


Just imagine if I went to Roland and told them I want SA type technology in your arranger technology. And just imagine if a representative of Roland told me on a public forum No … we do not want your business and you should go to Yamaha.

Again, Genny, you,the "post fairy", flit about with wand in your delicate little hand and pass judgement.

If you went to Roland and told them you want SA type technology in your arranger technology, and if a representative of Roland told you on a public forum "No … we do not want your business and you should go to Yamaha. They already have SA voices."

We would applaud his honesty and good business ethics...we decent people appreciate candidness, and integrity...a lost sale because of being forthright to the customer is never really a lost sale. Why lie? It's obvious in my post that the client, in this case Diki, is not going to buy a Yamaha Tyros because of two reasons...

1. He does not like the "compressed" and highly detailed and smooth sound of Yamaha tone generators...he has admitted this many times on this and other forums.

2. The Tyros4 has 61 keys...Diki needs 76. There is no way I know of replacing the 61 keys with 76, and Yamaha confidently feels that 61 are enough for even advanced home players, the target market for the T4.

Diki is a pro.

Genny, Yamaha wants your business, but not at the expense of selling you a product that does not meet all, or most of, your needs...in other words, if Yamaha did not make trucks, they would not try to sell you a Yamaha car, when you really need a truck. If you were told by some sleazy, soon to be fired salesman, that their cars were able to be used like trucks, the first time you fill the car's trunk (or boot) with dirt and rocks, there may be a bit of a problem.

However, if you were directed to another manufacturer, because you were told "No, we do not make trucks, so go to this brand manufacturer who makes great trucks", would you feel good or bad about such a company?

Have they lost a customer? Maybe this time, but remember, decent people value honesty and integrity, and will buy from, or recommend, that manufacturer when they, or a friend, need a car...they will have established a bond of trust with that company based on being treated with veraciousness and truth.

One or two lost sales due to honest customer qualifying are far better than getting a few sales by duping the clients...a lot of indirect sales would be lost as well, and news of bad reputation not only travels fast, but very far as well, and is difficult to overcome.

Frankie and George Kaye have no problem redirecting clients to where they get the product suited best for their needs, if unable to get it, or stock it, themselves...it's good business policy. Ask them yourself.

Didn't your Mama ever tell you, "Honesty is the best policy"?

If she did, and you haven't followed her advice, you are a poor excuse for a "post fairy"...hand in your wings, Tinkerbell.


PS...And please tell us, poor mixed up "post fairy"...what part of "No" do you not yet understand?
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