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I am nomally a well-behaved "old fart" and try very hard to parade my senior tolerance of most things and rants BUT I am about to follow the route of our many normal subscribers , like Scott and others who have decided to use their time , not much of that left I fear where the air is sweeter.

Ian and Diki, Diki and Ian, those lines were meant or you in case you didn't notice.

I was reading the thread from top to bottom and had a thought, "wait a minute, these two seem to have a decent conversation, what happened?" and after 2-3 posts, the usual **** comes back.

Anyway, to the point, I noticed that

1) Ian said people asked for scat voices
2) Diki has forked out a small fortune for them at an earlier time

When people have asked for something and they are willing to pay for it, isn't this a good enough reason for Yamaha to include them?

I think this is meant to be the "wow" factor of the keyboard, since if it only improved overall it would seem a smaller step forward. Now you have something to talk about, as was the case with the Irish pipes in earlier models. Most people said "I don't use them but damn those pipes sound awesome"