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I just don't get Yamaha's priorities... First, Uilleann Pipes on the T3, now scat voices on the T4, all the while ignoring the drums (or paying them lip service). I don't know about you, but I use drums on every single song I do, but Uilleann Pipes on ONE song, and scat voices on none. And I'd be prepared to say that the vast majority of us here are the same...

Yamaha is clearly looking after a different market/clientele, than you, Diki.

The average Tyros buyer is retired, fairly well off, usually coming from an organ or accordion background, or perhaps played synths or combo organ in a band.

Yamaha isn't looking for your business at all.

You need to wait for something by Roland or Ketron...it might be a long wait...of course, you're prepared to wait...you're content with your two G-70's.

You really have no use for most of what's on a Tyros...do you do a lot of Ballroom, Country, Swing/Jazz for instance? Is a polished pop style, or ballad part of your repertoire?

Plus, you don't like a compressed or polished sound, which is the hallmark and a major selling feature of the Tyros (and PSR) instruments.

Yes, the drums on the T4 are vastly improved (from what I've been told), but the overall sound is still "Yamaha"...a sound you don't like very much.

You need 76 keys...Tyros has 61.

Focus on the brands that will give you the sound you are looking for or need, or more accurately, want...don't waste time berating a company who prides itself on it's refined and balanced sound, and who looks after clients far different than you.

All the rhetoric you can muster will not change the good ship Yamaha's course..it is already set, and the destination is, and always was, a profitable one...you're better off spending your time campaigning Roland to make something that would be more suitable for your needs/wants/purposes/style.


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