Dear MSutliff;

This is to inform you that I am sueing you for copyright infringement. Because that hand in the picture belongs to me!!!! My appendages are copyrighted and insured. For I am a Pomolive hand model. I would like the sum of $1,000,000 in unmarked bills, so I can make a prototype, of the best arranger Keyboard on the market. I will call it either the Tyros Eater , or the Decahedron-subtitled as, "I have more angles then the tyros 2" or possibly the Tynomore-Pa1xG-70 mark SD1, of course only in avaliable in the 61 note version. Because why would anyone need more then 61 keys!!!

PS --ok I thought about it and concede. I will also make the much improved 76 note Tyros III accordian.