Well, if someone wants to defend Yamaha as they take the home market for all its worth with keyboards lesser then they offered years ago and lesser then even what others offer on that level ( and higher level for less money ) and not use that mass market funding for some R&D...they can have fun doing so.

I think its sad that for many needs Yamaha doesn't even have an option out there.

Hell, Yamaha boards lack basic features like proper output jacks lol or having reverb AND chorus effects ALL on the same keyboard when spending over half a grand...let alone some dsp effects.

Check out the "magic stomp" from Yamaha...why in the heck cant 3000$ keyboards from them have relative quality effects. The tech is right there, Yamaha has it...fact its not taken advantage of is nothing less then stupidity. The effects on their low/mid line mixers are better then the stuff in their high end keyboards.

I dont have some total hate for Yamaha, I just hate how their selective over basic no brainer stuff. I know their out to make money...just there is a big contrast between making a solid product you streamlined some costs on, then taking away an output jack cause " thats 5cents a unit and if we sale XXXX amount we make XXXX amount pure extra." Its like when CBS took over Fender and started bolting on necks with three bolts to jack up profit. There are some things you just dont do.

Yamaha has others dropping off keyboards with pitchbend, mod, d-beam, left/right outputs, metal cases, left/right inputs and so on...for the same price ( or lower ) then Yamahas sub psr1000 line up.

Plus not to slander the Tyros...just I fail to see how its price is justified, when insanity like the Alesis Andromeda is out there. Yeah one is an arranger...the other an analog synth, thats part of the ????? nature of it. Why is the Yamaha arranger the same cost or higher, then that monster of an analog synth?

As for Yamaha not being able to sale enough " pro " keyboards...Dont see Korg having problems pushing thier worksations ( market supports what...seven versions of the Triton ). Korg has the microkorg and MS2000 and MS2000 rack, so the market supports three versions of the same VA engine. Alesis...much the same the Andromeda real analog is supported, then the Ion and Micron two VAs ( with 16 or 17 filter types ) that share the same sound engine are supported. Roland and its Fantoms are not having any issues. lol and this is just a few of the more common players...bring nord to the table and others.

Cause all Korg has to do is enhance their arrangers a bit and drop some under the thousand mark...Roland only needs to do, something to their arrangers smirk That homemarket safe zone fantasy would be shot to hell. Random...think what the Fusion ( thats demos got pushed to march ) could do to Yamaha's flagship motifs if its pulled off well.

SORRY about all the words Just I wish Yamaha would kick the ass we all know they can, the fact that they hint about what could be in their current gear, in their past and dont just drop a bomb is suck. They make such a big deal about " we make real world instruments so we know best what they should sound like " just pisses you off when they had that LIMITED production run of those completely bamboo acoustic guitars and they dint have the mind to sample it to their keyboards. Come on...make a bamboo guitar have the guitar all but impossible to find/buy then gloat about knowing how things should sound, when thier to stupid to sample an instrument made of bamboo. Isnt getting unique sounds one part of the keyboard game after all ? Isnt that kinda a big slip/oversight ?