Unless there has been some recent change Yamaha stopped producing and selling home organs in or for the US for a few years now.

I worked in the home organ industry from 1976 til the beginning of this year. It was generally accepted in that industry that Yamaha didn't know how to market them in the US. They have a stradegy that was geared more for other parts of the world that did not work here.

One of there most "interesting" marketing strategies was in England where they would buy up all used organs and destroy them to force people to buy new Yamaha organs. Really!

While I've never heard the Stagea and I'm sure it's good for what it is, although out of all the home organ companies there used to be, I really disliked Yamaha organs. They were a bear to try and operate and then try and teach seniors how to use it was a big joke. I was very suprized when I first heard the PSR2000 at how good it was and also was easy to operate.

But mainly, even if the Stagea were available in the US, I don't think it would put any kind of dent in the portable market because of it's size and weight.

Scott Langholff